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So, you're the master of your craft and you love what you do, but do you find setting up the 'businessey' side of your business makes you want to crack open the gin? I noticed after working with creatives over the past decade (and being one myself!) that we have so many questions beyond the design of logos, websites and marketing materials - questions surrounding starting and maintaining a successful business. That is exactly what Make & Market Mastery is for - it's an intensive start-up programme for creative entrepreneurs. With a decade of freelancing behind me and 3 years as a full time creative boss - I'll be covering those common topics all of us new business owners have so that you not only have an impressive online presence, but you actually know what to do with it.


This is for you if...

You're a creative professional - designer, artist, stylist, maker, baker, writer or creator.
You want your own business and you're ready to make it happen!
You're currently earning less than £1000 (or zero) per month from your business.
You want to compress your timeline and stop playing a guessing game. 
You want to understand the behind-the-scenes of your business. 
You want the confidence and mindset that it takes to run a business. 
You want to ditch the day job (like, yesterday) and work for yourself.  
You want a professional logo and brand identity that's wholeheartedly 'you'. 
You want a knockout website that you're proud to show off. 
You want to know what systems and structures you need to have in place. 
You want to know how to market your business and get noticed. 
You want to know how to get clients and what to say to them. 
You want to create awesome graphics for your website and social media.
You want a money making business not just a 'pocket money' hobby.



Combining self-study, one-to-one coaching and training, I'll walk you through each step of my start-up process called 'The Make & Market Method' - you'll be the expert behind-the-scenes of your business and have a website ready to launch in just 90 days. 



Deciding who to work with on your business takes careful consideration. It’s important that we click like any other type of relationship. My ideal client is passionate about their business, is easy going and wants to enjoy the process. If that sounds like you, I can’t wait to work together! 

Week One


Once you’ve made your first payment and signed on the dotted line, we can get started. WOOP! We'll pick the times and dates for our 6 coaching calls (one session every other week included) and mark them in the calendar. Next I’ll send you an in-depth action plan affectionately called ‘Getting Your Shit Together’ that will walk you through what you need to do to get going. Think of it as a spring clean for your life and business so you feel prepared and organised to take on the task of setting up your biz.

Week Two


The best thing I've done, and still do, for my business (and sanity) is to hire a professional coach who is ahead of me in their business journey - someone who can advise me what to do from real experience. If you decide to work with me - your first job is done! (Yay!) Next, I'll show you how to connect with others in your industry to build your essential support system. Entrepreneurship is a tough and sometimes lonely 'job'. Both my happiness and profits transformed when I connected with like-minded business buddies. A support system is essential and that's why it's the first module in this programme.

Week Three


This module is a game-changer. My first ever business coach taught me that 'success is between your temples' and she could not have described it more perfectly. You cannot achieve the things you want in your life and business without conquering your mindset. Before mindset work, I stayed stuck in a job I didn't want for almost a decade, skint and in debt, longing to travel surrounded by unsupportive 'friends', hating almost every aspect of my life. After mindset work? I got the courage to quit my job, started my own business, love my work and my clients, made new business friends, make thousands every month doing work I actually like, met the love of my life, have an incredible group of girlfriends and live a freedom-based lifestyle where I make my own hours. I didn't believe it was possible either, but it is!

I'll show you how to hone the mindset for success so you can start and grow your business with confidence.

Week Four


This is a fun module, as we get clear on exactly what it is you want in your life and your business. I'm talking no limits, dream big kinda stuff - the future house and car, the money you want to make, the awards you want to win to even the 'simple' stuff like what you want your day-to-day to look like. As a business owner, you'll notice (if you haven't already) that your life and business overlap in many ways and that's why it's key to get specific about what you truly want your business and life to look and feel like. What are you aiming for? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel going forward? You can't plan the route if you don't know the destination.

Week Five


This week we dive in to our first business module. I'll show you how to identify your ideal client and perfect offering so you are clear on what you're going to sell and who you're going to sell it to. Servicing a niche, rather than being a generalist, will help you to position yourself as an expert - it's also proven to increase profits. 

Week Six

Market Research

Next, we'll do some simple but essential market research so you can check that your ideas are what your potential clients really want and that they're willing to pay for them. Not checking your product/service with your market is a mistake I see often - the last thing you want to do is invest a ton of time, money and energy in to your big idea only for it to fall flat when you can't make a sale. Market research is super important.

Week Seven


This week, we're talking about your magic, aka, your brand. I'll walk you through a fun branding exercise to uncover your core values and what you want your business to be known for in the world. We'll use some of the answers from your market research (because your clients actual words are golden for your brand & content!) to develop your elevator pitch and we'll start piecing together the creative elements of your brand (your brand identity). 

Week Eight


This is a hefty module but packed full of business essentials including choosing your business name, registering with your local authority and signing up for the systems and software you need. I'll be giving you an exhaustive checklist to go through so you have peace of mind that you're not forgetting an important step.

Week Nine


Next on the agenda is to make a list of all the materials you need to be able to provide your product or service. This includes business stationery, contracts, terms and conditions, policies, brochures, e-course design and more. Once you've figured out what you need, I'll show you how to create them. 

Week Ten


This module is all about creating your website, the machine that drives your online business. I'll teach you how to plan your sitemap, write engaging content and create a sales page that converts. I'll also show you how to connect your domain and third-party apps. 

Week Eleven


Now that you have your business foundation in place, it's time to work on attracting people to your business. 'Build it and they will come' is not so accurate when it comes to online business. You need to be putting yourself out there to get noticed, and I'll show you how. We'll look at ideas for lead magnets, how to design yours and also how to market your business for free. 

Week Twelve


The last module before your official launch. I'll support you in bringing together everything you've done so far and look at ways to keep the momentum going. I'll show you how to connect Google analytics to your site - it's important to keep an eye on marketing metrics so you can see what is working, and what isn't. I'll share a handy piece of automation software you can use that will help you free up some of your digital tasks and we'll be wrapping up with top tips to further enhance your website and our last coaching session. This time a celebration call (champagne encouraged) while we toast to how far you've come.


When I was setting up my business, I wanted to be able to be part of it, rather than just hand it all over to someone else. Carly has enabled me to do just that. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she spent time explaining everything to me in a way that I could easily understand. She was extremely patient with me and always offered her opinion when asked for it. She has helped me to bring my vision of my brand and website to life and has made it an enjoyable experience too! I can't recommend her enough! 

Emily Sophie, Emily Sophie Dance


Now open & on-boarding clients for Spring 2018

investment £895

(or 3 payments of £300 available)


Frequently Asked Questions


YES! This is for creatives who have just started, or about to start their own business. You may also have had a hobby or a 'side-hustle' for a while and you're now ready to up-level. I’ve had creatives in each situation who have had great success. 


Absolutely! This will help you get clear on what you want to do, who your ideal client is and to develop the perfect offering for you. This is the information you need to build a strong foundation and to reassure you that you've followed all the necessary steps before launching.  


Once contracts have been exchanged and your first payment has been made you'll be sent a welcome pack, orientation action plan and we'll arrange the best time/day for an introductory call if we haven't had a catch up already! You'll also be sent a prompt each week via email with your 'homework' and action steps for the week too. 

WHAT does the start-up support include?

Hiring a business coach was the best decision I made when starting my business - I struggled for ten years on my own before hiring a pro and I learned more in that time than I had in a decade. There's so much to do when you're getting started, so I've put together the resources and materials to help you create a kick-ass website and know what to do with it. 


You will need a PC or laptop, a WiFi connection, email (to receive the materials), adobe reader (to open PDFs - it’s free). You'll also be required to pay for your own software and subscriptions as part of running your business. Running a business isn't cost-free but I will point you in the direction of free or low-cost options. 


It’s hard to compare but I’ll do my best. The Make & Market Method was developed from my own journey from full time design & marketing executive to full time creative business owner. Many start-up business 'programmes' that I’ve found and have been on include either coaching OR design and this includes both so you can develop both personally, and professionally whilst also getting the expertise of a professional designer. 


As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to packages like this, but the people I have worked with have gotten incredible results. What I’m going to teach you is exactly how I did it, and taking action on these steps is up to you. If I can do it, it’s possible for you too. 


One of the most frustrating things in life is saying "I'd love to but I can't afford it". I totally get it. The thing is, part of being a successful business owner is knowing when you need to invest money, to make money. The reason I know so much about starting and running a creative business is because I refused to invest early and took the 'DIY' route - but it took a bloody long time and I bet you don't want to delay any longer. You don't have to wait for the life and business you really want, as I have a feeling you've already waited long enough.


Yes, I offer a 3 part payment plan which is 3 monthly instalments of £300. Your first payment is due before we start to hold our time together, and the following two payments will be taken on the same day of the month as your first payment. Eg. if you sign up to work with me on the 15th of the month, each instalment after that will be taken on the 15th day of the next 2 months. Your card will be charged automatically.  


The Make & Market Method takes 12 weeks. Carefully consider when you want to sign up for the package so that you have time to work through each step. I want you to feel supported, so as well as all of the materials you'll be able to keep and look back through at any time, we'll also have a 30 minute, one to one coaching call every other week and you'll have weekly email access so you can ask any questions and I'll be there to talk you through each section as you work through it. 


Now open & on-boarding clients for Spring 2018

investment £895

(or 3 payments of £300 available)