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Make & Market™ Makeover. Launch Your Dream Website in 5 Days Flat.

Skip the overwhelming feeling of launching your website on your own and hire an expert. All you need to do is hand over your content and I’ll take care of the rest.



• We’ll get together for a clarity call in person or on Skype to chat through what you need.
• Once your first payment has been made and you’ve signed on the dotted line, we can start. Woop!
• We’ll schedule a ‘design week’ a month or so in advance.
• I’ll send you brand assignment ‘homework’ to complete ahead of our booked ‘design week’.
• A free wordmark logo is included (if you don’t already have a logo).
• You’ll receive 6 full pages of customisation.
• It includes essential SEO maintenance, domain connection and email marketing integration.
• You’ll get a personalised website training video to keep & watch any time you need it.


This is for you if...

You're a creative professional - designer, artist, stylist, maker, baker, writer or coach.
Your business or side hustle is 0-3 years old.
You want to compress your timeline and stop playing a website guessing game. 
You want to understand the behind-the-scenes of your website so you can update it yourself .
You want a website that will impress your followers and woo your dream clients.
You want to know what systems and structures you need to have in place. 


Make & Market Makeover

Investment £3000

monthly payment plan available on request


Frequently Asked Questions


I specialise in Squarespace website design & styling.


I customise the colours & fonts and create bespoke graphics and images. The one element that will stay consistent to the theme is the layout. I’ll send you some options so you can choose an amazing layout that you love. If you require any extensive custom coding beyond the CSS code than I can do , I will hire one of my brilliant developers to provide you with a bespoke quote for your needs. 

Should I be using wordpress?

After years of designing websites,  Squarespace is by far my platform of choice and is only getting better. Wordpress is a lot more complicated to understand, particularly for beginners and requires a deeper knowledge of the platform to make changes. More often that not, it costs more to get Wordpress to a professional standard as the basic/free version is just that - basic. Squarespace has such a simple interface that is really easy to get the hang of - even for those who aren’t comfortable with ‘tech’. I’ve outlined the pros and cons in this blog post.


The websites I design are not inclusive of hosting or the cost of your domain name. This is simply so that you are not tied to me once your website is done, and you can manage this independently and you don’t need to worry about hiring someone every time you need something updated. I will guide you through exactly how to purchase this and I can help you set everything up. The website will be super easy to maintain/update as well so you can make as many changes and updates as you like. You can purchase domain names from as little as £10, and the website hosting is around £15-£30 per month or starting from £150 per year when paid annually. In my opinion and from experience, this cost is TOTALLY worth it. I’ve tried so many website platforms and this one is by far the most compatible with other business software, mobile responsive and easy to maintain. It’s the same platform I use for my own website.

What Does ‘Essential SEO’ Include?

1 // Site-wide description
2 // Site-wide search engine description
3 // Enable SSL (this means telling search engines to always load the secure version of your site – SSL is now a standard Google requirement)
4 // Enable AMP (this stands for accelerated mobile web pages and means your blog posts load extra fast – which is a positive SEO ranking signal)

The following bespoke data will be added to each page I create:

5 // Meta descriptions to each page & blog post
6 // Alt text to all images
7 // Image optimisation (renaming & resizing)
8 // Geo-tagging your content (helps you to be found locally by prioritising your site in local searches)
9 // Customise page names and URL to ensure accurate titles and keywords are displayed.

I’ll also support you with:

10 // Registering your site for Google Analytics
11 // Submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools (Google and Bing are the most common platforms used for search, submitting your sitemap basically tells them how to read your site)

Note: I will do the SEO for all of the pages on your website that I create for you, but once we’ve finished working together, if you add any new pages to your site, you will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your SEO and adding data to the new pages. The site wide descriptions and data on the pages I create will stay in place, it’s only if you add anything new that you’ll need to add new data.


Yes, once you decide you’d like to work together a 50% deposit will be due to book the time for you, so I do not book with anyone else. This is non-refundable to make sure that I honour the time set aside for you, and for my other clients. 3 part payment plans are available upon request.


For sure. I offer x2 and x3 part payment plans - get in touch to discuss.


I can be flexible, but typically I’ll book out a design week a month or so out giving you plenty of time to complete your branding assignment and any research before we start on the design element. Please carefully consider when you would like to work on your brand and website, because I will need you to be available to work with me to provide feedback and information quickly so that I can hit the deadline I’ve promised you.


I will package up all the assets used for the design of your website and provide them in .jpg .png and editable EPS file format.


Before any project starts, I will send you brand assignment ‘homework’ that needs to be completed before your project starts. I encourage you to take this seriously as it will be the main resource I use to gather information and create your awesome website. I will also send you an invoice for the deposit which needs to be paid and a design agreement to be signed before any work starts.


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