9 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelancer Instead Of An Agency

why you should hire a freelancer instead of an agency

The Cost

The biggy. Most freelancers don’t have anywhere near the overheads of an established agency. For me, I work from my wonderful little studio right from home with the headcount of one. I will only contract out work for specific requirements, but 99.9% of the time I do all of the work. Here is an immediate saving that a client can make.

We’re Always Here

Freelancing is a tough business, where irregular hours are common to get the work done. Unlike an agency, us freelancers have a better chance of pushing through a project in a much shorter time frame as we're willing to be flexible with our hours.


As a freelancer, we work on a project to project basis. This keeps things simple and ensures a project is not one of hundreds of projects that a typical agency will be running at any one time. For me, this means only agreeing to work I know I can complete within the deadline and offer my complete attention to the client.

Direct Communication

If you have ever worked with an agency, you will know you are often assigned an account manager to co-ordinate your project to their in-house teams, missing out on that direct channel of communication. For my clients, they enjoy having the confidence that when they are passing on their requirements to me, they are passing them directly to the person who will be doing their work.

You Get The Expertise You Need

Of course you can hire an agency to do the same type of work as a freelancer. However, as per point #1, if you are hiring a freelancer you are paying directly for their skills only and not the added costs of office space/account management/design/production.


Dealing directly with a freelancer, often dramatically reduces the time to complete your project. There is no chain involved, so when you want to find out information you will hear it directly from me. When you make changes, they come straight to me and not to the inbox of an agency designer with 10 other jobs to do that day.

Your Project Is More Important To A Freelancer

A bit of a bold statement, I know, but I really do feel this is true. The limited projects I work on at any one time get so much more attention than they do in your standard agency. Agencies prioritise projects and clients very differently and it is almost always dependent on money. For me, I take on projects on a first come, first served basis, meaning I focus on one important project at a time.

Freelancers Have Networks Too

As a client, you will often look to an agency to offer an ‘all-round’ solution to your project from branding, design, copywriting, marketing and web development. This is of course true, but don’t forget us freelancers have networks too.

Us freelancers stick together and you have the added assurance that we are not working under someone else’s brand. What I mean is, you can be sure we are only going to recommend someone who is great at their skill – without a big company to fall back on, we can’t afford to recommend someone who could potentially let us down.

Remember, We Do The Work Anyway

This may come as a surprise to some but I can certainly speak from experience. The project you just spent £1000 a day to complete, well I did it for you anyway and the agency didn't pay me that much. 

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