The Start of Something New

It all began when I was first introduced to arts & crafts by my creative Nanny Joan, she gave me heaps of papers and embellishments to play with and I’ve been designing ever since.  I went on to pursue my love of design throughout school, studying fashion and textiles from A Level through to University and have since spent time gaining experience as a Marketing Executive, and developing my own business in the background. My work over the last 10 years has ranged from making handmade wedding stationery and greeting cards, to brand development and website design.

In 2015, came my own personal renaissance. I found I wasn’t especially enjoying my day job anymore; my motivation switch was set to ‘off'. I also realised I was doing the one thing I promised myself I would never do, and that is to work just for money. My light bulb moment came and I decided there and then, to stop it.  In other words, I grew a pair of ladyballs and started living the life I always wanted to; doing something I love while making money doing it.

So today, I finally made the transition from my corporate day job to full time creative business owner.  That's right, I just quit my day job to pursue my dream of starting my own business. It felt like glitter was shooting out of my eye sockets the moment I walked out of my marketing job this afternoon and stepped into this exciting world of entrepreneurship.

I’m not going to lie, it’s scary being entirely responsible for every single penny I earn and not relying on a guaranteed lump sum dropping into my bank account at the end of every month.  But it’s the exciting kind of scary, that allows me to work on projects I like, with interesting clients and the flexibility to work how we want to. I get to be involved in so many exciting journeys from the wedding of someone's dreams to nailing a killer concept for a new business, and I think that’s a pretty awesome place to be.

Is this a mind dump? Yes. Yes it is. Thank you for listening to me.

I’m really excited to document this journey and hope you will be with me to cheer me on and guide me in the right direction. If it wasn't for the advice, skills and referrals of my friends and family, my accountant mate and my boyfriend’s support, it wouldn't be as easy or as fun to do this. 

Please hang in there with me while I iron out the creases… and watch this space.

love carly