We've been gone less than a week and we’ve already shipped a box of stuff home because we WAY over packed - even just in carry on bags we managed to bring unnecessary items. I think we were worried we might *need* something and so packed for all eventualities. I’ve spent most of the last couple of months shopping for the perfect items that will suit different climates and activities, high quality so they last but not expensive incase they get ruined etc. But one of the most surprising things about packing for this trip is the amount of toiletries I use at home and how many I actually NEED here.I packed 4 nail varnishes.... FOUR!!! Who does that? 😂💅 Safe to say the chipped nail look is already pissing me off and I’m too busy doing other stuff to care about the colour of my nails and they also take up more room in my already cosy toiletry bag. Never thought I’d say that, I love my manicures! Since this manicure in Bangkok I’ve ditched painted nails and feel so much better for it! 

It reminds me of an article I read about Mark Zuckerberg who has a set outfit for every day of the week - simply to eliminate some unnecessary decision making (what to wear!) during his day so he can use his brain power on other, more important tasks. I guess I feel a bit like that about my packing and nail varnishes - I don’t have a ton of options anymore or access to my ASOS unlimited next day delivery service 😂 but it makes getting ready so much easier. I wonder if that’s why we all feel so relaxed on holiday? Because we have our go-to outfit of bikini, tee and denim shorts that works for the whole week? I bet that’s it! 🤔

How do you simplify your life at home? Do you operate a minimal wardrobe or have any hacks like this that changed your life? I’d love to know in the comments... 

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