I've Been Waiting 15 Years For This

Well this feels surreal! 

Getting to the airport after an emotional few days of saying goodbye to everyone - I completely underestimated how overwhelming that part would be. 

Walking towards the airport carrying my backpack, looking across at Ben, then up at the ‘Terminal 2’ sign with all the butterflies. I have been waiting for this moment for at least 15 years since I set out on a mission to work for myself and travel the world. 

This trip is so different to how I ever thought it would work out. I’ve planned to go travelling more times than I can remember, but never got the balls to go for it. I waved my friends off when they left for their trip of a lifetime - so jealous, wishing I could go as well. I always imagined I’d have to make this massive decision, save thousands and give up my job and the security that comes with it. 

This trip is nothing like that. I haven’t arrived at the airport with that same feeling you get when you’re going on holiday - you know the one when you’re SO ready for a break and excited to have a week away from emails. I’m realising that this feels different because I don’t feel like I’m escaping my life, it’s just a really awesome part of it. Instead of working from my laptop in Felixstowe, I’ll be working from a beach in Thailand and although, yes, you could argue my view for the next few months will be slightly 'dreamier' ;) I don’t feel like I’m leaving something ‘bad’ behind. Being able to make money doing something I enjoy has given me the most unexpected sense of freedom that I didn’t know I could have - the type of feeling that comes from a life I'm no longer trying to escape from. 

I am so grateful for the lady balls I had in 2015 that got me here! 

So, as I’m sitting here at the bar, drinking some prosecco and replying to clients, I’m celebrating living life on my own terms and encourage my #boss friends to do the same 😘

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