What I Learned At The Ritz and What You Can Learn Too

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For the last 6 months, I've been working with a brilliant mindset coach, high-performance coach and publicity strategist that ended with a graduation day at The Ritz in London last Thursday. 

It was my very first time to The Ritz and expectations were high. The sun was shining, the selfies had been taken and I glided to the front of The Ritz with the proudest smile on my face thinking:

‘Holy sh*t, I’m at The Ritz for my business!!’ 


The Coaching Day

The day started with a brief reflection and some journalling, amongst other exercises, we practiced coaching and worked on a 90 day plan to keep us going for the next 3 months in our businesses. I drank coffee, ate pastries and felt incredibly motivated. 

In the afternoon, we were asked to complete an exercise that completely changed the energy in the room. It involved writing down our proudest moments, then asking ourselves what drove us to achieve those things, and who/what supported us in achieving them. The idea is to look back on your answers and see if there’s a pattern. Around the room, we could see this list of things/characteristics that we all had when we achieved the things we want. Here’s mine: 

Proudest moments so far: 

  1. Getting into my chosen University.

  2. Getting my marketing job and then recruited by big brands.

  3. Staying true to the type of relationship I wanted.

  4. Quitting my job and starting my business.

What drove me:

  1. Getting into my chosen University.

    Ambition. Wanting to be different. Wanting to pursue a subject I loved (fashion/design) not just get any office job that pays. A sense of adventure. Being independent. Following my heart instead of listening to others. Courage to go for it and be the first in my family.

  2. Getting my marketing job and then recruited by big brands.

    Courage. Going for it even when I didn’t feel 100% sure. Not settling for average. The desire for change. Wanting to be happy at work. The challenge. “Working for love, not just for money”. Confidence in my abilities.

  3. Staying true to the type of relationship I wanted.

    Wanting more. Trusting my gut that ‘more/better’ was out there. Not settling for less. Wanting something meaningful. Patience. Confidence to put myself out there to find ‘him’. Courage to keep looking even when it wasn’t working out.

  4. Quitting my job and starting my business.

    Not settling for ‘ordinary'. Wanting to love my work and be happy. Trusting my instincts and not listening to outside opinions. Confidence in my skills. Wanting to do something with meaning/purpose. Daring to go for it and ‘start over’.

As you can see, there are some common themes. When I’m getting the things I want (and loving life as a result) I am a certain ‘way’...

  • I have a desire to be different and don’t want to settle for ‘ordinary’. 



  • I trust my gut and follow my heart.

The idea of this exercise is to bottle up that formula and bring it to whatever you want to do next. It looks different for everyone, but you’ll likely notice some key characteristics that come up when you are being your best self and you can see if you’re being that person right now, or if you need to make some changes.

This is an incredible exercise and I encourage you to try it, but there are two ways you can take the results. 

  1. Get super motivated as now you know what to do and how to be.

  2. Get super reflective and feel bummed out because you’re not that person at the moment.

The latter was the vibe in the room. I looked at my answers and thought WHAT THE EFF has happened to that girl? Recently I’ve been so worried about money and thinking ‘I should be further along by now!’ I was so annoyed with myself and I started to cry. 

What happened to the girl who worked for love and not just for money?
What happened to the girl who would feel the fear and do it anyway?
Who is this girl who gives her clients all of this advice but then forgets to take it herself? 

Do you ever feel like you don't recognise the person you've become?

In that moment, I decided ‘enough is enough’ there’s no more waiting for the things I want. I grabbed my Ritz place card and scribbled on the inside ‘NO MORE WAITING!!!’ It’s now standing on my desk as a reminder of the day I decided to stop waiting for the things I want and to take action. 


So, to help you, I want you to write down:

  • What are you most proud of (5 things)

  • What drove you to achieve those things?

  • What supported you to achieve those things?

Looking at your answers, see if you notice any patterns. Are you being that person right now? What are you like when you’re being the best version of yourself?