Kuala Lumpur Pit Stop

We spent a few nights in KL, mostly in the hotel room due to food poisoning caught in Cambodia (poor Ben) so whilst Ben slept, I got lots of work done. We stayed at Hotel Transit which was simple, a little noisy and the breakfast was not for me - I just don't think I'll ever be able to eat noodles and curry before midday, I much prefer the European way of doing brekkie! :) 

As Ben wasn't up to going out and worried about eating any of the spicy Malaysian food, we ended up getting a cheeky Nandos to the room on an app similar to Just Eat. The porter actually came to the hotel door with the delivery guy so we didn't even need to leave the room. HA! 

After a couple of days rest, Ben was loads better so we did manage to go out - in search of more comfort food and shopping - which is the cure to everything right?

I'd been to Kuala Lumpur before about 4 years ago so I knew the first place I wanted to check out was Central Market - it's an indoor market and whilst a lot of the stalls are repeats of the usual touristy knick knacks, there are a few gems hidden amongst them. 

Next we headed to Petronas towers into the shopping mall and I felt so at home - checking out all the 'normal' shops including an M&S. I've really noticed on this trip how accessible everything is at home - if I hate my clothes I'm only 24 hours away from new ones (thanks ASOS) and when I realise I've forgotten to pack some of the practical items I feel lost without Amazon Prime. Totally #FirstWorldProblems, I know, but still - I'm really appreciating just how good I have it at home and I have definitely been taking that for granted. 

We ended up at this cute restaurant called 'Bens' with a window view of the water feature so we could catch the nightly light show. They had these awesome little cards on the table with the reminder to 'stop looking at your phone' - and a selection of conversation starters which got us talking about things like - 'if you had to choose only one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would you choose?' (Italian, obvs!) and 'if you had one extra hour in the day - what would you do with it?' - It definitely got us chatting about the most random stuff and put me in a really reflective mood. 

The next morning before heading to the airport, we dodged the hotel buffet again and went back to the mall to have coffee and THE BEST pretzels everrrr.

Next stop is Thailand for a few days before heading to India!