Impromptu Trip to Hong Kong!

I booked an impromptu flight to Hong Kong!! Booked just a few hours before, we're at the airport at 3.30am local time waiting to go to a place I never thought we'd end up on this trip! 

Since I've been running my own business, I’ve realised that although sometimes difficult, the potential to earn a lot is always there if I just put in the work. This is one of those moments when the weeks of financial uncertainty pay off and, thanks to new clients, I get to book a cheeky flight to somewhere spontaneous with a harbour view suite to top it off. (WOOP!)

I'm not the kind of person to save for a rainy day, although my parents sometimes wish I was (sorry Mum & Dad!) I'm all about living for the moment and spending the money on epic experiences because you can’t take it with you and this year I’ve personally learned the hard lesson that life really is too effin short - and I'm so glad we went for it because Hong Kong was incredible. 

The hotel suite was pretty sweet (see what I did there) and super close to Mid-Levels escalators. The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system in HK is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world and the journey is lined with tons of cool cafes, smoothie bars, restaurants and shops. I was in my element! 😍  I had an epic breakfast wrap (with crispy bacon, potatoes, scrambled egg, tomato salsa and cheese) and picked up some more solid toiletries from Lush (as I’m travelling carry on only so those bad boys save on my liquid allowance!) and finished off the day at a gorgeous Italian restaurant (because I’ve maxed out on mostly Pad Thai for the last 10 days) with a tiramisu for dessert. 

The next day we ate more yum food and I worked from my laptop whilst eating some of the best pastries I’ve ever had. We ended up watching the light show on the harbour and got to see the full skyline at night which was pretty bloody special. 

I left Hong Kong feeling sad to go. It was nothing like I imagined but completely awesome in its own way. It didn’t feel like China, it was a lot more westernised than I expected and reminded me a lot of London. Which was actually a welcome break for a busy body like me, after a week on a beautiful but quiet beach I have really loved the hustle of a city, proper coffee, good WiFi and something other than noodles for dinner 😜. In the last 4 days I’ve had such a great mix of food in Soho - Italian, Spanish, French & Lebanese, sipped Chinese green tea, watched the light show on the harbour, shopped at ladies market and harbour city (flown half way across the world and bought things at Kikki K and H&M 😂) took the tram to Victoria Peak for the stunning views of the city and finished the trip with cocktails at HKs Hard Rock Cafe! It’s not the cheapest city to stay in (spent 3 weeks travel budget on 4 days, ooops!) but it was awesome and I’m SO glad I’ve had the opportunity to see this city. To think I was never especially interested to go, I now can’t wait to return!