Have We Met? Because I Feel Like I Already Know You...

I'm so glad you've ended up here today, and I think it happened for a reason.

I really believe in that sort of stuff, and it excites my heart SOO freakin' much that you've ended up here because I really, sincerely want to help you to get your business off the ground so you can make a living doing something you actually enjoy.

The thing is, as a start-up, you're likely short of cash to spend on a logo and website and probably limited on time if you're still holding down a full time job. Maybe like me, you've already spent way too much time trying to 'Google' your way out of your crappy job and into the life you really want, and you're not getting anywhere.

I get it. It took me 10 years to quit my day job and turn my side hustle into a full time gig. Yep, I stayed stuck in a job I didn't like for 10 whole years before doing anything about it. Something even funnier? (Oh don't you just love hindsight) I worked with small businesses for nearly a decade, so I knew exactly what to do to set one up. I'm a designer, so branding and websites are my thing AND in my corporate day job, I was a marketing executive too, so I know a thing or two about promoting a business. But for some reason I still didn't feel like I knew what to do. Umm.. DUH! 

In 2015 I figured it out. Starting a business is totally different when it's YOUR own business and YOUR own life.

It's not that easy to just quit your job, when you're hardworking and ambitious, amiright?

We weigh up the pros and cons and end up feeling like there's just no clear way to know if it's the right choice.

The truth is, you’ll never get that feeling, the feeling that it’s definitely, 100%, the RIGHT choice. That's because, it’s a very bold move to quit your job and go for it, it’s not the norm, and you've never done this before. It won't feel comfortable because you don't know what it's like to start a business and depend entirely on yourself. It’s the non-traditional route and not many people are brave enough to go for it. There are no guarantees, and that's scary as f*ck! 

But I also know there’s something incredible about taking the leap, even when you don’t know what’s waiting on the other side. It’s an amazing moment when you hear your early morning alarm clock, and for the first time in years you actually want to get out of bed and ‘go to work’.

So, how did I do it?

Well, I got myself into a bit of a state, crying before work because I hated it that much. I was in a lot of debt too so I couldn't see a way out. I was trapped and overwhelmed and had exhausted all options to borrow money. Then one day I had enough, I was sick of myself being miserable and moaning about a life that I'd chosen. After all, I went for the job interview and decided to stay, right?  I realised I'd turned into the type of girl I hated, living for the weekend, dragging my feet all week waiting for Friday, making stupid decisions with money because I was trying to buy my happiness in the form of holidays and clothes when really, I just wanted my day-to-day to be better. Not just the 2 weeks holiday a year or the short-lived excitement I'd get from a new pair of shoes.

So I quit, just like that. My courage seemed like it came out of nowhere. I finally got the 'lady balls' (as I like to call them) to leave the 9-5 behind. I had my lightbulb moment (you know the moment when something you’ve been bothered about for years, finally makes total sense and you’re not sure what the hell you were stressing about all that time!) So I left that job on the 27th February 2015 and decided to hire a business coach to help me to get started. I finally realised I didn’t know everything, and I didn’t need to know everything right now, so I hired a pro that would get me the results I wanted, fast.

My life completely changed in the 3 months I worked with my first coach, she taught me about my mindset, the reason it took me 10 years to quit my job even though I knew exactly what to do to run my dream business. It was all in my head, it was fear of the unknown and it was being terrified of making the wrong decision and falling flat on my face if it all failed.  I was wasting so much energy freaking out about things that hadn't even happened yet! The experience was EPIC because what I learned in those three months was so simple but so profound that it's changed my personal life, my business, my relationships with people, my relationship with myself, the list goes on. My confidence has changed so much because of that coach. Why don't they teach this stuff in high school??? 

Maybe right now you're on the fence because it seems like a lot of work, you probably think starting a business costs a lot and you're not sure you should give up your comfy day job for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

I felt the same. The years rolled on and I never did anything about my dreams, safe in the comfort of a routine and my monthly salary. That life is perfect for some, but for me, it just didn't light me up. Do you feel like that?

In the last few years, I realised that I wasn't the only one who felt this way and I want you to know that you're not alone either. Maybe like me, you've been living with that nagging feeling that you're meant for something big. A feeling of uncertainty that you can't quite put your finger on. The feeling that you desperately try to ignore but you can't stop thinking about it. That you are grateful for the things you have, but at the same time know you're not truly fulfilled in your current job. 


That's why, after a decade of waiting for my life to get good, hiring a pro coach to help me, completing my own coaching training, that I now teach aspiring entrepreneurs like you how to do it too, remove the cap on your earning potential in your current day job and start making some money doing something you actually want to do.

You don't have to keep reading blog posts from people like me telling you that your life could be different - you can actually BE the person whose life IS different. All it takes is the decision to take some action to move you one step closer to where you want to be. 

What can you do today to bring you closer to where you want to be? Perhaps it's creating your bucket list by writing down everything you want to accomplish. Maybe it's opening Google Docs and typing out your ideas for your business. Why don't you Google search 'How To Start A Business' or enquire about getting some outside support (you can check out the Make & Market Method here) to get your business started. 

Whatever you decide to do next, just ask yourself, "Is this moving me closer toward the direction my dreams?"