I'm a graphic and website designer and experienced marketing executive.
I'm blatantly honest.
I'm travel, design and stationery obsessed.
I have radically changed my life for the better in the last few years with mindfulness, coaching and a ton of research.
I have a hard time making important decisions.
I have completed a lot of online training and coaching programmes.
I'm kinda in love with cheese. 
I buy way too much stationery.  
I'm addicted to reading personal development books.
I'm straight talking and pragmatic with a side of woo woo (I believe in the energy of the universe.)
I research happiness, mindfulness and positive psychology.
I am learning how to take care of my mind and body with nutrition, exercise and self-care, and I love to talk about it.  
I teach graphic, web design, marketing and systems tech set-up to small business start-ups.

I am not a doctor, psychologist, counsellor, nutritionist, nor many, many other things. 

I do share with the intent to help, inspire and relate to your journey.
I do not intend for you to take anything I write or say too seriously.
I do not want you to sue me. 

Make & Market is where I share my own experiences and research on starting a business, chasing dreams, improving lifestyle, happiness, health and mindfulness as well as graphic and web design.

Nothing you read on here should be taken as advice in the place of qualified health care professionals, and/or qualified financial professionals who know your circumstances better than I do. When it comes to your own health, happiness and business, I encourage you to do your own research before taking any programmes or advice you find anywhere on the internet. I recommend using this website as a resource for getting the information you need to start your own business and create your dream life.